Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay for my child to come just one day a week?

No, unfortunately you have to pay the standard monthly fee which covers 2 classes weekly even if you only plan to attend 1 day out of the week. Our program is structured around 2 classes weekly and we do not currently have a program based around attendance once a week.

How long are classes?

Each class is 50 minutes long.

What should my child wear to class?

Anything comfortable as long as it is appropriate to train in. As far as footwear goes most of our students train barefoot. If you do not wish for your child to train barefoot they are allowed to wear GRIP socks or any type of boxing/martial arts shoes.

How long does the program last? Is it ongoing?

Our program is currently available during the school year and can be ongoing based on how long you want your child to train. The longer they stay with us the more advanced techniques they will learn as they work towards improving previously taught techniques. They will also begin to use the techniques taught in light contact sparring.

When can I expect to see improvement from my child/children regarding their technique/skills?

Progress depends on your child and the effort they put forth in class and at home. If your child is not practicing at home or trying in class, their progress will take longer to show compared to others. However, if your child is trying and practicing at home and you still feel as though they are not quite at the level of their peers please keep in mind that every child is different and may not progress as fast as a peer in class. This does not mean they are necessarily behind.

If my child/children has any health issues or concerns, should I notify the staff?

Absolutely, we would love to be notified and the student must have their necessary medical equipment or they cannot partake in class.

Can all or few family members sit in and watch my child/children train?

Due to limited space, we prefer only one adult per child and not both parents or more than one person at a time per child.

What gear or equipment does my child/children need?

For MMA, they will need a blue judo gi and MMA gloves. For boxing, just boxing gloves are required in the beginning. We will notify you when your child/children are fit and ready for sparring gear.

My child is out of control at times and may appear to be angry at times. Will martial arts help with this?

Absolutely! Self control is key to the study of martial arts, and our students learn this very early in training that they must learn to control themselves in and out of the gym.

Will this help my child do better in school?

Yes. Martial arts is built on focus, self-control, discipline, respect and indomitable spirit. These skills help our students concentrate and show discipline in and out of the gym.

Won’t martial arts make my child want to get into fights?

Absolutely not, we teach our students soft skills like conflict resolution to teach them that violence is not the way.

My child struggles with confidence. Can martial arts help?

Yes. Martial arts can definitely help with this. Studying martial arts will increase their confidence resulting in them knowing what they're capable of and believing in themselves. They begin to have complete faith that they can achieve anything life throws at them.

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