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About Us

At Undisputed MMA we go beyond teaching Martial Arts. Our platform is used to expand the mindset of today's youth. We empower, train, and coach our students to tap into their authenticity, their passions and potential in strength and honor. We are here to make an impact within the community that will pass down throughout generations. All of our staff are well trained, certified martial artists.

20 Years of Experience

We offer boxing, MMA, and Judo. With our certified coaches and blackbelts, training with us gives you the tools and confidence to defend against any style or street fight.

Attention to Each Child

We make sure to leave no child behind. Whether or not the child is a beginner at martial arts, we give them the tools and training they need to excel.

Emphasis on Technique

We focus on all aspects of the martial arts and are very keen on perfecting detail and technique. In our comfortable and safe environment, we have the necessary skills and patience to teach anyone.


Kids Boxing (Ages 6-7) @4:45pm-5:35pm
Kids Boxing (Ages 4-5) @5pm-5:30pm
Kids Boxing (Ages 6-12) @5:45pm-6:35pm
Teen Boxing (Ages 13 - 17) @6:45pm-7:35pm
Advanced Kids MMA (Ages 6-11) @4:30pm-5:20pm
Advanced Teen MMA (Ages 13-18) @5:30pm-6:20pm
Teen MMA (Ages 13-18) @6:30pm-7:20pm
Kids MMA (Ages 6-11) @4:30pm-5:20pm
Kids MMA (Ages 6-12) @5:30pm-6:20pm
Teen Boxing (Ages 13-17) @6:30pm-7:20pm
Kids Boxing (Ages 6-7) @4:45pm-5:35pm
Kids Boxing (Ages 4-5) @5pm-5:30pm
Kids Boxing (Ages 6-12) @5:45pm-6:35pm
Advanced Kids MMA (Ages 8-12) @6:45pm-7:35pm
Advanced Kids MMA (Ages 6-11) @4:30pm-5:20pm
Advanced Teen MMA (Ages 13-18) @5:30pm-6:20pm
Teen MMA (Ages 13-18) @6:30pm-7:20pm
Kids MMA (Ages 6-11) @10am-10:50am
Advanced Kids MMA (Ages 8-12) @11am-11:50am
Kids MMA (Ages 6-12) @12pm-12:50pm

Sunday: Closed
Students cannot come more than 10 minutes before their scheduled class time.
Please note the schedule is subject to change. Your Child's official schedule will be given after a trial. Schedule is also based upon availability. If you have any more questions or want to set up a trial please feel free to call/ text us at 267-623-6444 or email us at undisputedmma16@gmail.com.


"This is a great place for kids to learn discipline along with skill. My daughter has been attending for over a year now and loves every bit of it."
- Tiffany R
"My 6 year old daughter has been going since she was 5. My goal was focus, confidence and discipline, well she has that and more her strength her energy and can I repeat DISCIPLINE. We love it so much her father joined. A Family welcoming environment."
- Aeesha M
"I have a nephew who have trained at Undisputed MMA for over 10 years and is still a student here. I had heard many great things going on in the school and how professional and caring the instructors are."
- Froncine Y

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